#4 – Hints and Tips

Snowy Photos

In all this snowy weather we have been having, I am guessing a lot of you have been out and about taking beautiful photographs.  I have also been out although we hardly had any snow here in Plymouth but had some problems when using the flash.

The problem was that the light from the flash would reflect off the snow and ruin the photo.  This obviously happened more for close ups and doesn’t really cause any problems for photographs of items in the distance.  So to get the close ups that you want, you either have to not use the flash at all which could be a problem if the day is dark, or angle the photograph in such a way that the light from the flash will not show in the photograph and kind of bounce off the snow.  This can be a little tricky but can be done.

So whilst there is snow and ice about, why not go out and take some photos.  They would be ideal for Christmas Cards!