New Photographs of The Coast

Have now added some new photographs of coastal scenes such as Burgh Island, scenes from Holywell Bay and more.  You can view these new photographs in full either on the main website or the gallery on this news blog.

Here are the new images that I have added….

New Water Photographs

New photographs of water scenes from Devon and Cornwall have now been added to the website and the gallery here.

Here are the new photographs…..

New Wildlife Photographs

I have uploaded 4 new Wildlife photographs to the website and to the news blog gallery.

Here they are…..

#1 – Hints and Tips

Shadows of People

You may think the following is very obvious when taking photographs, but I have made the mistake several times and have only realised when I have downloaded and viewed the photographs back at home.

When you are taking photographs on a bright, sunny day, you need to be very careful of your shadow.  You need to stand in a position where the Sun is not directly behind you, otherwise your shadow will loom over the target item or area.  This is particularly problematic when you are taking photographs of items such as flowers where you need to get up close and personal.

It can be particularly difficult on the brightest days, as sometimes you can’t see the digital screen on the camera, and end up just aiming in the general direction of the object you are photographing.  In this case, it is best to take several images from different angles, ensuring that at least one of the photographs shouldn’t have your shadow in it.

Having a really good zoom on your camera will help eradicate this problem, as you obviously don’t have to stand as close to something like a flower, so it is a lot easier to make sure that your shadow is nowhere near the target area.

So, when taking photographs, just keep this in the back of your mind, as it may stop you from ruining some otherwise perfect photographs!  Good luck!

Website Updates

I have been working on the coding of the website over the past few days, to try and help it do well in the search engines.  I am starting to go through the site and validating and optimising it, but it is taking a while, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

I have also added my newest 6 photographs on the homepage of the site.  This should help you guys when you visit the site as you will see anything new straightaway.